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Yesterday, Playboy published an open letter that Oscar De La Hoya wrote to Floyd Mayweather, and it was one of the pettiest things we’ve ever read. There was a lot of truth in it, but still, very petty.

It’s not the only place De La Hoya took shots at Mayweather yesterday, though. Bleacher Report also released a recent interview that De La Hoya did with them and, in it, he was asked what would happen if Mayweather ever got into the Octagon with Ronda Rousey. His response? He doesn’t think Rousey would have any trouble beating Mayweather.

“Ronda taps him out,” he said. “Easy. There’s no doubt about it. Most likely, Mayweather’s going to run. They go in the center of the ring, that’s five seconds. By the time that she catches him, that’s another five. I would say about 16, 17 seconds.”

Damn. “16, 17 seconds”? That’s it?!

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