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It feels like the NFL is actually trying to find ways to piss everyone off by handing out stupid fines now.

So far this season, they have fined Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward for wearing eye black that said “IRON HEAD” on it to honor his late father who died after battling cancer. They have also fined Steelers cornerback William Gay for wearing purple cleats to try and raise awareness for domestic violence. And now, they have fined Panthers cornerback Josh Norman for wearing a pair of red, white, and blue cleats to honor his grandfather who was a veteran of the Korean War:

It doesn’t sound like the league had a problem with the color of the cleats, but for whatever reason, they didn’t like that they said “PROUD BRAVE” on the side of them:

We would say that this is silly, stupid, and petty on the NFL’s part, but you already know that, don’t you? Sigh.

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[via For The Win]