Lil B has been cursing athletes who have used his cooking dance without paying the proper respects, and in some cases, it seems to have actually worked.

James Harden was the latest to fall victim to it, and even though it was lifted temporarily, Lil B placed it "back active" in advance of the current NBA season.

Well, Harden's Rockets have gotten off to a 4-7 start, much slower than was expected of the team that finished second in the West last season to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors. On Wednesday they fired head coach Kevin McHale, which was a bit of a shock considering the team gave him a three-year contract extension over the summer worth $12 million in guaranteed salary. 

Not surprisingly, Lil B is taking credit for Houston's head coach catching the unexpected L.

Will Harden acknowledge that the curse is real? Unlikely, so we can probably expect plenty of additional gloating from the Based God in the future. 

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