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It’s obviously not a secret that NBA superstars get away with traveling calls all the time. Just go back and watch this supercut of LeBron James traveling over and over and over again during the NBA Playoffs last season. And hell, even guys who aren’t superstars get the benefit of the doubt on traveling calls more often than not. Earlier this season, Thunder guard D.J. Augustin took six steps on a layup attempt and…nada.

But c’mon, NBA referees, this is just getting ridiculous now! In the Vine below, you can see a ref running right beside Carmelo Anthony during the Knicks/Heat game last night when Carmelo decides to pick up the ball and step, step, step, step, step, step, step, shoot. See if you can count the number of steps he actually takes here:

And yet, no whistle. Like, how does that not get called?

Fortunately (for the ref, not Knicks fans), Carmelo bricked his shot, so the egregious no-call didn’t make a difference. The Knicks were also trailing by 19 at the time, so even if he did make it, it probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game. But still, more than 19,000 people inside American Airlines Arena saw that this was a walk. The referee standing right next to Carmelo couldn’t see it, too?

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[via Eye on Basketball]