The Rockets and James Harden appeared to shake the curse on Monday against the Thunder, at least temporarily. Harden dropped 37, and Houston righted the ship with a 110-105 victory, its first of the young season.

But we're more interested in discussing this curious play from OKC's D.J. Augustin that occurred midway through the second quarter.

As the Thunder get out on a fast break, Augustin receives the pass just past half-court. He takes one dribble, and then shuffles his feet for a six-step walk to the basket before seeing his layup attempt blocked by Montrezl Harrell

Goaltending was called by the official, since the ball hit the backboard before Harrell swatted it. That would have been the correct call, if, you know, Augustin hadn't taken those six steps first.

The referee was right there, so it's tough to see how the travel could have been missed.

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