Every reputable business has someone who is in charge of helping everyone else in the company with their 401k retirement plans. Most people don’t have the time to sit down and fully wrap their minds around what a 401k is or how it works, so that person is designated to do it for them. It’s a pretty important job, too, because without that person in place, a lot of people would probably give up on the idea of having a 401k at all.

We’re pretty sure that the Seahawks have someone on their staff who is in charge of setting up 401k plans for players—and that that person isn’t nicknamed Beast Mode. But during a recent interview with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, Seahawks rookie wide receiver Tyler Lockett revealed that Marshawn Lynch is one of the teammates who has helped him the most so far during his brief NFL career because—get this—Lynch has been dishing out 401k advice during practices this season.

“Marshawn helps me with a lot of things as far as understanding my worth,” Lockett said. “He’s a great guy. Even at practice, he’s helped us with the 401k, talked to us about that. He helps us with a lot of stuff.”

Wait…WHAT? Let us find out Marshawn Lynch is more like Merrill Lynch these days.

You can watch Lockett’s full interview with Mayne below:

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