It's not uncommon to see an athlete give praise to God after a big performance on the court or field. It happens all the time. But when Aaron Rodgers did it following last night's Seahawks/Packers game—a game that Green Bay won 27-17—he did it a little differently.

Rodgers apparently still remembers what Russell Wilson said after the Seahawks won the NFC Championship Game in miraculous fashion back in January. If you don't remember, Wilson suggested that God made that game dramatic and ultimately helped Seattle win it. Rodgers contested God's fandom during an interview a few days later, and he also kept Wilson's comments in the back of his mind and decided to throw them back in his face after last night's contest.

During his post-game interview with reporters late Sunday, Rodgers—without a hint of humor on his face—said that the Packers were able to beat the Seahawks because of a good offensive game plan God.

"I think God was a Packers fan tonight," he said, "so he was taking care of us."

God? Maybe. Or maybe it was Rodgers completing 75 percent of his passes for 249 yards and two touchdowns. Either way, Wilson is already moving on and thinking about next week:

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[via The Big Lead]