We all know just how good Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is when it comes to talking trash on the football field. But he's also pretty damn good at doing it on Twitter, too. He proved that back in May when he took down a Twitter troll in epic fashion. And earlier today, he did it again when a Browns fan attempted to troll him.

It all started when a Texans reporter named Stephanie Stradley sent out this tweet:

The Twitter account @DawgsByNature responded to it by referring to Smith as a "punk":

And even though Smith wasn't tagged in it, he saw the tweet and decided to challenge the Browns fan to a fight:

The fan then decided to do the dumbest thing possible by hitting Smith back with this:

And from there, it was on. Smith hit him back with this:

The fan tried to take the high road:

But nahhhhhhh. He was in too deep!

The Browns fan then tried to save face with this:

And this:

And this:

But…no. Smith eats trolls for breakfast and laughs about it with his kids:

Ha. Maaaaaan. If you come at the king...

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[via Black Sports Online]