Prior to today, we already knew that Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was good at talking trash. See here, here, and here for proof. But he elevated his game earlier this morning by celebrating the start of his  36th birthday with what may very well go down as his best trash-talking moment ever.

About a year ago—the exact date is unclear—a Twitter troll talked some smack about Smith on social media. He called him #WashedUp and posted a photo of an old man using a cane shortly after Smith signed with Baltimore. And while Smith didn't respond to the guy at the time, he did take a photo of the guy's tweet and saved it for safekeeping. Then, he sat on it for about a year before finally breaking it out this morning. He responded to the troll with this:

*golf clap*

Very well played, "old" man. What a way to simultaneously celebrate your birthday and cement your legacy as one of the best trash talkers of all time.

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[via Fox Sports]