Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III took an absolute beating in a preseason game against the Lions last week, and was diagnosed with a concussion immediately afterward.

It was clear to seemingly everyone watching that the Washington offensive line was in shambles, and that with the multiple hits RGIII was taking, he probably should have been sidelined much sooner.

But head coach Jay Gruden left him in there to get pummeled repeatedly, and at least one anonymous NFL head coach believes that he did so on purpose, according to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman.

After watching the Detroit Lions use Robert Griffin III as a practice dummy, I texted a head coach, one whom I know is a huge RG3 fan, to get his thoughts. His immediate reply: "I have never, ever, on any level, seen a head coach treat his quarterback with such a lack of respect." 

"That Lions front, even without [Ndamukong] Suh, is pretty ferocious. As a coach, you see your guys getting beat, and you see your quarterback especially take that first shot, every coach I know would have taken their quarterback out of the game."

"What is baffling," he said, "is that I can't think of a single head coach in the NFL who would take an injury-prone quarterback, put him behind a very shaky offensive line, in a preseason game, watch him take those kinds of hits and leave him in the game. It looks personal to me."

An anonymous Redskins teammate of Griffin's didn't quite go that far, but he also wondered how in the world Gruden could keep sending the guy who's supposed to be the franchise quarterback out there when all that appeared to be waiting for him was an insane level of preseason punishment.

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