Last night, ESPN reporter Adam Schefter took to Twitter to break the story about Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul getting his right index finger amputated after sustaining a hand injury during an accident involving fireworks over the July 4th weekend. And he did it by posting a photo of JPP's medical records on the social media site:

This led to quite a bit of controversy on Twitter, because technically, Schefter isn't supposed to be able to get access to someone's medical records. They're considered private information, so unless JPP himself sent Schefter the photo that he posted, someone likely broke the law to get that photo into Schefter's phone. It led to all sorts of debates over whether or not Schefter should have posted the photo in the first place and led to many people calling Schefter out:

One person in particular had a major issue with what Schefter posted—and it was a person that Schefter does NOT want any problems with. It was none other than Steelers linebacker James Harrison who, even at 37, is still one of the scariest guys in the NFL. He responded to Schefter's tweet directly with this:

Yikes. Safe to say Schefter won't be getting his next big scoop from Harrison. Where do you stand on Schefter posting the photo of JPP's medical records?

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[via Behind the Steel Curtain]