According to a report from Andy Slater of WINZ in Miami (and later confirmed by Bleacher Report NFL reporter Jason Cole), the hand of New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was "severely injured" during a fireworks accident in Florida:

If true, timing could be bad for both the team and Pierre-Paul himself, as the Giants are thin on pass rushers and the two-time Pro Bowler has yet to sign his franchise tender for $14.8 million. People on twitter are already jumping to conclusions by using insensitive phrases like "blew his fingers off," but until details are in we don't know the extent of the damage to his hand, if any.


According to tweets posted on Sports Illustrated, JPP's neighbors were well aware of the danger involved in a U-Haul filled with explosives.


A video posted by Jason Pierre-Paul (@iamjasonpierrepaul) on Jul 4, 2015 at 4:31pm PDT


[via ProFootballTalk]

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