Minor league baseball player Anthony Giansanti really wants to get Ronda Rousey's attention right now. So ever since Giansanti—who is a member of the Cubs' farm system—got called up to Chicago's Triple-A team in Iowa earlier this month, he's been leaving the UFC champion a ticket at will call. He's also sent Rousey a ton of tweets like these asking her to come to a game:

His reasoning for doing it: He's a big Rousey fan—and he wouldn't mind taking her out one night after a game is over.

"She's an incredible fighter," he told the Des Moines Register recently. "I'm a big UFC fan, and she's also incredibly good looking. I mean, why not?"

Hmmm…maybe because you'll come across as looking desperate? Or because your teammates will get on you about doing it? Or because Rousey is too busy for you? Or…oh, who are kidding? Eventually, this will work and Rousey will show up at a game. In fact, her mom has already responded to the kid, so it's only a matter of time.

Move over, Cardale Jones. You've officially got some competition!

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[via Fox Sports]