Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones attended the ESPY Awards last night and was surrounded by some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment. So why does it feel like he spent so much time on Twitter? He could have stayed at home and done that!

Regardless, it was sort of fun to watch Jones—a guy that most people outside of Ohio hadn't heard of prior to 2015—bask in the limelight by trying to holler at some of his fellow ESPY attendees. He didn't win the "Best Breakthrough Athlete" award that he was up for, but that didn't stop him from trying to see what Ronda Rousey was getting into after the show:

It also didn't stop him from asking Kendall Jenner about her whereabouts:

And while he did eventually shut it down and get off Twitter—neither woman responded to him—he didn't do it before @-ing TMZ in a tweet that will definitely force TMZ Sports to ask one or both women about him sometime in the near future:

Well played, Cardale. We see what you did there.

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