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A couple weeks ago, a reporter asked Kyrie Irving if he looks at LeBron James as a father figure, even though LeBron is only about seven years older than him. Irving was puzzled by her question and laughed it off. But it sounds like LeBron does look at some of his teammates in the same light as he looks at his kids.

LeBron did an interview with CNN's Rachel Nichols recently that's going to air on Saturday. In it, he compared dealing with his Cavs teammates to dealing with his oldest son LeBron James Jr.

"In Miami, it was myself and D-Wade," he said. "We shared that leadership. And I knew coming here that I would have to be the sole leader. I knew one thing that I knew I had to work on—and I'm always working on every day—is my patience…So I almost had to go back to having my first child and understanding, 'Okay, this is a kid. And they have to learn. And you have to be patient with them. And then at some point, they'll start to get it.'"

We get what LeBron is saying here. The Cavs do have some young, inexperienced guys on their team, and he's likely had to show them how to play like champions. But it's not like the entire team was fresh out of college, so we doubt that they're going to like being compared to LeBron's kids.

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