LeBron James is 30. Kyrie Irving is 23. So even though LeBron has been in the NBA for a lot longer than Kyrie has, they're not that far apart in age.

That didn't stop a reporter from asking Irving about whether or not LeBron plays a "parental role" on the Cavaliers, though. After setting her question up with an explanation about how Tristan Thompson told her that LeBron is a great father to his kids (which Irving misinterpreted at first), she asked Irving if LeBron's parenting skills extend over to the Cavs. And after expressing a whole lot of confusion—and assuring her that he only has one father (LOL)—he told her that, no, LeBron does not play a "parental role" with the team. A great "influence"? Yes. But a father figure? No.

In fairness to the reporter, the Cavs have been off for about four days now and still have two days until they play any basketball. So there aren't a whole lot of things for the media to ask Cavs players at the moment. But still, this was definitely a weird question to pose to a guy who's quickly blossoming into one of the best point guards in the NBA.

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