Skip Bayless found himself in a really interesting situation on ESPN First Take this morning. Typically, on any given day, he is the one providing an unpopular opinion for the world and catching hell for it on Twitter. Just check out this clip of him saying that Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather or this clip of him saying a 52-year-old Michael Jordan could beat LeBron James for proof of that. But today, he was forced to talk about Steph Curry bringing his daughter Riley to a press conference last night—after at least three other reporters had already criticized Curry for doing it.

First, Star News Online reporter Brett Friedlander took to Twitter to reveal that he didn't like what Curry did. Then, Bleacher Report reporter Ric Bucher made a joke about Curry's parenting skills on Twitter that didn't go over well with people, even though he was clearly just kidding:

And prior to Bayless getting a turn to talk on ESPN First Take, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst spoke up against Curry, too. So what was Skip going to do? Take Curry's side? Say something that actually made sense for once? Go against his natural instincts and not troll America? Decisions, decisions!

But don't worry. Skip didn't do any of those things. Instead, he took what Windhorst said on First Take and ran with it, ripping Curry for bringing his daughter to his press conference after Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals and talking about how it robbed him of the opportunity to hear what Curry had to say about his 34-point performance.

We've gotta give it to you, Skip. If nothing else, you stick to your guns and refuse to pass up the opportunity to troll. And that is why Twitter continues to hate you so much.