Yesterday, a report by Public Policy Polling brought all NBA discussions to a grinding halt when it was revealed that 34 percent of fans think that Michael Jordan could beat LeBron James 1-on-1 right now. This, of course, is insane. But Skip Bayless, having lost touch with reality many moons ago, is always one who's eager and willing to prop up dumb arguments for the sake of high ratings and even dumber reactions. 

Our reaction to Bayless' claim that he could train Michael Jordan to beat LeBron mirrored what we saw on Stephen A. Smith's face during the live segment. 

And you, the viewers at home, didn't buy into a word coming out of Bayless' thin little troll mouth. He's a well-known hater of all things LeBron, and in all likelihood, will eventually work himself into denying that the LeBron ever existed in future years. Of course he was going to take MJ over LeBron—it doesn't matter what the question is. In any scenario where Bayless can stand on Jordan's shoulders while concurrently slighting LeBron, he's going to seize it and spitball ad nauseam.

It's actually surprising to see how many people still take the bait and declare things like "Bayless has officially lost his mind this time," or "I'm done with First Take," or "I know Bayless is an idiot, BUT *insert generic rebuttal here*." People love directly arguing via Twitter with a man debating at them through the television. Skip Bayless is the lowest-hanging morsel​ on the Internet hater's fruit tree. For sports fans, he's social currency. Ultimately, it's fun to laugh at and demean the biggest dunce in the room, especially if he's making himself a target on purpose. What that says about American culture is kind of pathetic and cannibalizing, but also awesome, because: #freedom #murica. 

Will you rise above the idiocy and break the First Take formula of inciting (reactions) and piling (ratings)? Doesn't matter, because the Twitter reactions have already flown in, and Bayless can once again plot on another cycle of trolling. The social media vitriol only gives him a greater license stew on the same stuff: LeBron sucks, Tim Tebow is God, and by golly do I love Tony Romo. 

Scroll down to see how people handled hearing Bayless' BS. Even by his extreme standards, this one seems to have really brought the torches and pitchforks out for his head. 

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