Last night, Steph Curry brought his daughter Riley to his post-game press conference after the Warriors knocked off the Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. And while she was pretty distracting during it—by the end, she was climbing underneath the press conference podium—she was so gosh darn cute that there was no way anyone could blame Curry for bringing her along. It was a truly unique father/daughter moment, one that Steph and Riley will likely talk about for years to come.

One reporter didn't agree with what Curry did, though. Brett Friedlander of North Carolina's Star News Online took to Twitter a short time ago to criticize Curry for bringing Riley with him to his press conference. He admitted that she's cute. But in his now-deleted tweet, he also said that Curry should have been more respectful of the reporters in the room who were trying to do their jobs at the time:

And as you might imagine, his opinion did not go over well. Everyone out there seemed to love the appearance that Curry's daughter made at the press conference. So people are going in on Friedlander right now and telling him to keep his opinions on Steph and Riley to himself. Scroll down to see some of the tweets that they're directing at him as well as Friedlander's response to all of the hate that he's received.