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Despite what some of the delusional Manny Pacquiao fans out there might think, Floyd Mayweather won the Fight of the Century—easily!—on Saturday night. Pacquiao had two or three really good moments during the fight. But he didn't do nearly enough for the judges to award him a victory over Mayweather.

Don't tell that to Skip Bayless, though. After the fight, he took to Twitter to question the outcome:

And earlier this morning, he continued to defend his opinion on ESPN First Take. When the show started, he was actually wearing a TMT hat and a Mayweather shirt after losing a bet with Stephen A. Smith:

But a short time later, he ripped off both the hat and the shirt and refused to accept defeat:

He vouched for Pacquiao again, said he should have won the fight, and sent his blood pressure through the roof as he debated with Stephen A. about Mayweather's victory. It was one of Skip's most heated rants in First Take history.

You can watch the entire thing in the clip above. Scroll down to see some of the best Twitter reactions to Skip's meltdown.

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