Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you must've heard the comments made by Paul Pierce where he singled out the Toronto Raptors when talking about how there is no team in the Eastern Conference that makes him worried. Obviously, Raptors players and front office personnel have reacted to the remarks in their own unique ways. And speaking of unique, no one is topping Greivis Vasquez's response. 

Clearly exhausted by all the Pierce coverage, Vasquez started off by saying, “Man, I'll tell you this. This is the last day I'm going to answer anything about Paul Pierce." He continued, "Paul Pierce is a Hall of Famer that knows what he's doing. Give him a lot of credit. He got you guys' attention, he got everybody's attention and if we keep talking about Paul Pierce, this is going to be a Paul Pierce series." 

After complimenting Pierce's ability to motivate his Wizards teammates, Vasquez took it a step further. 

“He does what he does,” Vasquez continued. “We respect that. We give him a lot of credit. He's got big balls. That's the reason he's the Truth. He's the Truth for a reason. What else can I tell you? Good for him. He's a Hall of Famer. We love his game. I'm a big fan, I got a picture of him, too. He's an animal. So that's it. We just gotta play. Paul Pierce is going to be Paul Pierce. I think that you guys gotta stop asking all of us questions about Paul Pierce. Let him do the talking, and we'll see at the end who's going to win the series. We give him a lot of respect. To him and to the whole team, to the Wizards. So we'll see what happens.”

Former pros, like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, are reading Vasquez's comments about not talking trash back to Pierce in disgust. And then complimenting his "big balls"? FOH! 

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[via Eye On Basketball]