Both with the ball and with his words, there were few NBA players as great as Larry Bird. As many guys in the league who competed against him during his playing days can tell you, Bird possessed the unique ability of verbally ripping you apart and then backing it up with effortless flair out on the court.

No one was spared. It didn't matter if you were a future legend, like Dominique Wilkins and Dr. J, or a head coach, such as Doug Collins and Chuck Daly, or someone who also repped his home state of Indiana, or a just a white guy—you got treated by Larry Legend.

Excuse the old man talk here, but when it comes to the NBA today, shit-talking isn't what it used to be. Sure, you got a handful of players in the league trying to keep the spirit alive, but it's nowhere near what Bird used to unleash on his opponents on a daily basis. Sit back, watch and learn. Here are The 15 Coldest Larry Bird Trash-Talking Stories