When Vic Mensa released his new song, "U Mad," featuring Kanye West, earlier this month, it caught a lot of attention. And it wasn't simply because of how good the song was. Vic also raised quite a few eyebrows—and made more than a few people cringe—when he dropped a Ray Rice reference into the middle of his second verse on the track.

"Hater, please let me live my life, swear to God, I been tryna do right," he rapped. "But if she bad, I might hit a bitch in the elevator like Ray Rice."

Too soon? Uh, yes. TOO SOON. But Vic is definitely not the first rapper to namedrop an athlete who's gotten himself (or in at least one case, herself) into trouble. From Ray Rice to Rae Carruth, we've heard it all. Here are 20 Controversial Rap Lyrics About Sports Criminals.