Sport: Football
Criminal History: Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Time Behind Bars: Currently serving a 24-year sentence

Athletes will do anything to get out of paying child support. Most lie about their earnings, others litigate, and Rae Carruth murdered his pregnant girlfriend. As you'll learn in this story, falsifying your tax returns is a much more effective way to flake on your responsibilities as a father. 

After a night at the movies, the Panther receiver's then-pregnant girlfriend was driving home when a car pulled alongside hers and opened fire. The 24 year-old woman clung to life long enough to tell first responders that "Rae" shot her. At the hospital, she wrote notes to investigators claiming Carruth insisted she follow him to her house and, before they left, overheard him say, "We're leaving now" in a phone conversation.

Carruth was arrested and convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his girlfriend. The baby survived and was successfully delivered during an emergency Caesarean section. A loss of oxygen to his brain during the shooting left the baby severe physical and mental disabilities.