Sport: Football
Criminal History: Federal charges of creating a drug-distribution network,
Time Behind Bars: Currently facing 10 years to life

Sam Hurd was a mediocre pro football player, but he might be the world's worst drug dealer. The ex-Bear special teamer is currently awaiting trial for trying to move Colombian cartel-like weight. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The aspiring drug kingpin reportedly made a deal with an undercover cop to move between five and 10 kilograms of cocaine and one-thousand pounds of marijuana per week in the Chicago area. Because if ever a city deserved drugs, it's Chicago.

The juiciest facet of the story may be in what lies ahead. The Bears wide receiver allegedly told a co-conspirator that he dealt with high profile clients, including NFL players. While out on bond recently, Hurd failed two drug tests and tried to arrange another drug deal

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