Name: Thomas Junta
Year: 2000
Sport: Hockey

In doing research for this piece there were only two cases I had any prior knowledge about. I knew Mitch Williams was a piece of work, and I knew the story of Thomas Junta, a parent so out of control he got his own infamous label. You may know him as the imaginatively monikered "Hockey Dad." In 2002, Hockey Dad went ber-fucking-zerk and beat coach Michael Costin (who, himself, had a lengthy rap sheet) to death for allowing rough play in a pickup hockey game. A dozen kids witnessed the event, possibly invoking the "stop, stop he's already dead," Simpsons quote, which we're sure is a lot less funny when it's actually true. At trial, Junta somehow avoided charges of voluntary manslaughter because jurors bought his "self-defense" defense, though he was almost twice the size of Costin. After eight years, Junta returned to society, but the tale doesn't really end there.

You see, of the 12 people who witnessed the senseless beating, three were Costin's sons and another was Junta's. As you might have guessed, that's the type of shit that can have later-manifesting consequences, whether your dad was the aggressor or victim. Junta's son went on to break into somebody's house before pistol whipping and robbing him. As for one of Costin's sons (Michael Jr.), he got a year-and-a-half in prison for beating his girlfriend and stealing her car. Then when he got out, he caused some more trouble.

While it's impossible to surmise if these later legal problems were directly caused by Junta's infamous loss of control, we'd say it's a pretty damn good guess. It's also probably safe to guess that this is why youth leagues look for good role models.