There were a ton of transactions made yesterday during the first day of NFL free agency. But none of them involved free agent running back DeMarco Murray. Murray and his representatives are reportedly still trying to hammer out a new deal with the Cowboys. But because they haven't been able to do it yet, he remains unsigned. And as a result of that, there are a lot of NFL players trying to recruit Murray to come to their teams.

One of those players is Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins. He wants Murray to "come on over to the dark side" and sign with the Cowboys' rival Philadelphia. So he sent him a tweet on Twitter late yesterday afternoon:

Murray's teammate Dez Bryant didn't like it. So he responded to Jenkins' tweet by daring Murray to sign with the Eagles:

And just in case anyone got the wrong idea—or doesn't understand the concept of a well-placed "lol"—Bryant emphasized that he was only referring to football when he wrote "watch what happens":

We doubt Murray actually saw any of this. Outside of removing all references to the Cowboys from his Twitter account earlier this week, he has been strangely quiet on social media as of late. But it kept us entertained and made us wonder what Bryant will do if Murray does wind up in Philly.

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[via Eye on Football]

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