We don't know much about high school hockey. Or Minnesota. Put two and two together and you realize we certainly don't know shit about Minnesota high school hockey. That being said, we love watching amateurs emulating the pros, whether it's a prep hoopster vaulting a defender on the way to an authoritative dunk, or a goon potentially concussing a dude by repeatedly jacking him in the face.

Yesterday, in a playoff game between two high schools that are completely irrelevant unless you live in the area, (we'll call them Benilde-St. Margaret's and Eden Prairie) a full scale brawl broke out with less than a second left. This fight took place just two days after another brawl between two separate Minnesota high schools. Not that you could possibly care (again, unless you live in the area) but Eden Prairie won 1-0. They'll be without three players for their title game Wednesday.

The above video (shot by a fan) captures the best of the action. Watch it once and then watch it again, this time keeping your focus on Eden Prairie's goalie (No. 1). At first he just sort of saunters by a teammate who happens to be pouring blows on his helpless opponent. After keeling over for a second, he gently sets his stick down before grabbing said opponent in the most calm manner possible, as if to say, "Okay, come on now, break it the fuck up."

Also, here's a different angle as shot by a different fan:

[via YouTube/Twitter/Minnesota Star Tribune]

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