When your basketball team is down 93-50 at the end of a game, there's pretty much nothing that you can do that could possibly embarrass the other team. Er, right?

That's what we thought. But during a game in Seattle earlier this week, Hafid Yassan—a member of the Chief Sealth High School team—managed to do something so incredible that we're willing to overlook the fact that he did it while his team was down by more than 40. Yassan caught an alley-oop pass on an inbounds play, skied high, and nearly jumped over a defender on a dunk that saw his entire head go above the rim. It was one of the most incredible dunks we've ever seen, and it took place in total garbage time.

Check it out in the clip above. Yassan's team ended up losing 96-55. But this was definitely the play of the game.

[via Barstool Sports]