Even though the NFL still hasn't commented publicly on their #DeflateGate investigation—outside of this long, empty statement that didn't reveal much—it seems they may be getting closer to finding out why so many of the footballs that the Patriots provided for the AFC Championship Game last week were deflated.

According to Fox Sports, the league has identified a New England locker room attendant who allegedly took game footballs out of the officials' locker room before the Patriots' game against the Colts and moved them to another area inside of Gillette Stadium before taking them to the field for the game.

Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer reports that the league has stopped short of accusing the attendant of deflating the balls. But they have reportedly interviewed him and obtained video of him moving the footballs around. Stay tuned to see if this leads us any closer to an explanation for what happened prior to the start of this year's AFC Championship Game.

[via @JayGlazer]

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