It might be time for Johnny Manziel to stay out of the club for awhile.

Prior to the final Browns game of the NFL season, Manziel reportedly missed a meeting with a Cleveland trainer because he stayed out too late the night before and overslept. And now, it sounds like Manziel got into it with a group of hecklers at a nightclub in Houston over the weekend and could have gotten himself involved in a pretty serious situation.

According to TMZ Sports, Manziel was at the Dekan nightclub in H-Town on Saturday night when a group of people started heckling him. He reportedly responded by giving them the middle finger:

And then, all hell broke loose. Drinks were reportedly thrown at Manziel. Words were exchanged. And eventually, Manziel and his entourage had to leave the club.

Fortunately, TMZ Sports reports Dekan security got things under control and removed the people who were throwing drinks from the club. Manziel was then allowed back inside the club where he continued to party without incident. But this obviously could have ended much differently. And we can't help but wonder if going to the club is even fun for Johnny Football anymore when you hear about these kinds of incidents taking place.

[via TMZ Sports]

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