We hate to say it, but there are (as of this writing) 62,425 idiot football fans who want the New England Patriots disqualified from Super Bowl XLIX, and are demanding that the NFL stage a replay of the AFC Championship Game that excludes New England in favor of a match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts. And all these morons signed this petition. 

Never mind that a slightly deflated football could never account for the 38-point difference the separated the Colts and the Patriots when they played. 

Never mind that members of the Colts have downplayed the impact of a deflated football. 

Never mind that the Super Bowl is in four days and is literally impossible to reschedule. 

No, forget all of these things. Because, according to the document's creator, Scott Latshaw, we need to stage a fucking historical reenactment of the AFC Championship Game in order "to maintain the legitimacy of this year's NFL Championship". 

Good luck with that one, you guys. Let us know how it works out for you.

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[via The Los Angeles Times]