Look, we all understand that athletes make ridiculous sums of money and don't always perform like we'd like. We’re looking at you, Jay Cutler. And we also understand that for some, your fandom is what defines you as not only a supporter of your team, but as resident of your city. However, that doesn’t mean that every time your quarterback makes a bad read/decision and turns it over, you need to turn from the television screen to your computer or phone and start dismantling the dude—and in some cases his girlfriend/wife and family—on his profile page. Chill out, fam.

It’s one thing to throw away the game in the fourth quarter with an inexcusable interception. We get that, and we’re right there with you. But if your quarterback throws a pick on the second drive of the game, maybe wait a few hours before you start telling Matt Schaub and Tommy Rees that they’re an embarrassment to the human race.