You know who we would not want to be right now? Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. On Sunday, he threw a pick six towards the end of the Texans game against the Seahawks that eventually led to a Houston loss. And ever since then, he has caught hell from, well, everyone. NFL analysts have ripped him apart. Texans fans have burned his jersey. And Twitter has done what Twitter does best by filling his mentions with nothing but hate. It's been a tough few days for the Texans QB.

It should get a little easier in the coming days, though, because Schaub (or someone close to Schaub) just decided to pull the plug on his Twitter account. Earlier today, it vanished mysteriously without any explanation, and those wishing to access his account are now met with this:

Surprised? Don't be. While we do wish that Schaub would have toughed it out on Twitter—or, better yet, just stayed off of it this week and ignored his mentions—we also realize that Twitter can be tough to deal with. So we don't blame him one bit for deleting his account and focusing his attention elsewhere this week. The great thing about the NFL is that, as bad as Schaub was last week, a win over the 49ers on Sunday night would change everything and Schaub would once again be the man in Houston. So it'll be interesting to see how he bounces back against San Francisco.

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[via CBS Houston]

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