There are plenty of amazing athlete nicknames out there. Earvin Johnson has become synonymous with his alias, "Magic." Calvin Johnson is a beast wide receiver out on the gridiron, which makes his "Megatron" nickname so perfect. And nothing describes Tim Duncan's game better than his moniker, "The Big Fundamental." 

Unfortunately, not every athlete is so lucky in the nickname process. Some people have received their nickname from an unfortunate circumstance, such as slip-of-the-tongue from your wife. We see you, David Beckham. Or when someone airs out the dirty laundry that you never wanted to see hung out to dry. Sorry, Michael Vick. Or someone compares you to something so weird that it can't be un-remembered. We feel your pain, Muscle Hamster, er, Doug Martin.

For all the athletes out there who desperately wish they could have a mulligan when they first received their moniker, this is for you. Here are the 15 Athletes with Nicknames They Wish You Would Forget