Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is having a career year in Dallas, having gained 1,427 yards for the 8-4 Cowboys during the 2014-15 season. 

However, the NFL's leading rusher is also experiencing some off-the-field drama following wild accusations made by his former Oklahoma Sooners teammates, Brennan Clay. 

So Demarco Murray was having an affair with my wife ..I'm done ..@demarcomurray and @gina_edagos0126 ..1 has a baby momma and she has 2 kids

— Brennan Clay (@BrennanClay24) November 30, 2014

Apparently, Murray was caught being a bad teammate with Clay's wife Gina D'Agostino. Clay didn't stop going in, either: 

I'm disgusted ..

— Brennan Clay (@BrennanClay24) November 30, 2014

On that note headed to church ..

— Brennan Clay (@BrennanClay24) November 30, 2014

People givin me ish for puttin it out there ..if you could read these messages ..YOU would too ..I wanted the truth out there ..

— Brennan Clay (@BrennanClay24) November 30, 2014


Murray has yet to respond to the accusations. It also remains unclear as to when exactly this alleged affair was taking place. Clay and Murray were teammates in 2010 during Clay's freshman season; Murray left Norman, Okla. at the season's end to enter the NFL Draft.  

[via The New York Post]