The life of an NFL player doesn't strike us as being on par with the lives of both basketball and baseball players. Sure, you can rake in mountains of dough, get the over-the-top adulation of your peers and retire at age 30, but quickly after that reality sets in. Between predatory entrepreneurs and a litany of nagging injuries your quality of life plummets faster than a whole host of inappropriate references to aviation disasters. Plus, even during your career the "game" looks brutal.

We sit at home when the temperature outside drops below zero, reclined in our heated living rooms watching these guys collide for our enjoyment. We would surmise that there are times when none of us (reading or writing this) envy NFLers. But then we look at a gallery like this and say "Screw it; I'll play a game with J.J. Watt trying to destroy me on every play if I can go home to any one (or more) of these ladies." And that's really the dream from pee-wee to pro. Remember, there's always hope (provided you can throw a ball 70 yards). These are the WAGs of the 2014 NFL Season.