Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall is pissed off right now. He's pissed off because people aren't giving him the props he feels he deserves. He's pissed off because he wants NFL fans to consider him the greatest wide receiver in the game. And he's pissed off because, during this past offseason, he signed a $40 million contract with Chicago—and he thinks he deserved more money.

In the latest episode of GQ's docu-series, The Grind, which features an up close and personal look at Marshall in the months leading up to the start of the 2014-15 NFL season, Marshall talks about why he's so angry right now. It's interesting to hear him talk about why he thinks he deserves more money and why he gave the Bears a "discount" in the first place.

Watch the third episode of The Grind in the video above. And if you missed the first two episodes of the docu-series, you can watch them below. Do you think Marshall deserved more money than the Bears gave him?

[via GQ]