Sometimes, being a sports fan can be a crazy thing. Whether we decide to dress up, scream our brains out, or even throw blows because of our favorite team, levels of fanaticism across most major sports can border on terrifying. We often forget that, at the end of the day, the thing we're getting so worked up over is just a game. Instead, our beloved clubs, athletes, and coaches become lifestyles. They're things which must be protected and maintained and guarded fiercely. 

There are times when this protective behavior becomes too intense. There are times when it becomes misguided. There are times when it becomes strange and uncomfortable. For example, consider the Baltimore Ravens fans who decided that it would be a good idea to wear their Ray Rice jerseys out to last week's match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, ignoring every definition of good taste in the process. It's stuff like this that makes you snap your head back and say, "WTF?"

But these moments aren't all bad. We also have to recognize the moments when being a fan gave us a small miracle or a welcome tradition. There is a wide spectrum of fandom across the world, and an equally large range of crazy. And as we've dug around to unearth every insane moment in sports, we've come together with a list of The 25 Craziest Sports Fan Stories of All Time. Whether dealing with destruction, weird pranks, life-saving moments, or head-shaking devotion, these are all the moments when our fandom becomes unbelievable, both for better and for worse.