Sunday night, Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, and the San Antonio Spurs won their fifth championship since 1999, cementing their place as one of the elite teams in NBA history. Particularly in this modern era of free agency and significant salary cap restrictions, they have maintained their dominance thanks to shrewd drafting and free agent pickups, salary sacrifice by their superstars, and outstanding coaching. They are now one of just four franchises to have captured five or more championships, joining the Chicago Bulls (six), Los Angeles Lakers (16), and Boston Celtics (17). Given the era and the relative competition level, it’s one of the greatest runs we’ve ever seen from a basketball team.

But how does it compare with Russell’s Celtics, Magic’s Lakers, or Jordan’s Bulls? Surely those teams, who all won multiple titles as well, can make an argument that they are the superior team to this era’s Spurs. With the San Antonio having secured a positively dominant fifth title in which they were the league’s best team from start to finish, we figured it was time to Rank Every NBA Dynasty.

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