Is there anything sadder than watching an NBA player work his way through a press conference right after losing a tough game? The player just spent 48 minutes—or more—giving everything he had out on the basketball court to try and help his team win and the absolute last thing he feels like doing is sitting in front of a crowd of reporters shouting things like "Talk about how you're feeling right now…" But because the NBA forces players to participate in post-game press conferences, he has no choice. So he sits and he sulks and, sometimes, he cries and, well, it's all just sad. So very sad.

Earlier this week, Chris Paul provided a classic example of this after the Thunder made a huge comeback during Game 5 of the Oklahoma City/Los Angeles playoff series to knock off the Clippers. CP3 looked so upset that we wanted a reporter—any reporter—to get up and give him a hug. But he's far from the first NBA player to look like someone just stole his puppy at the post-game press conference podium. Here are The Saddest Press Conference Struggle Faces in Recent NBA History.

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