Lil Wayne Ripped the NBA and the Miami Heat During a Performance Last Night and Called Himself the "New Pac" (Video)

U mad, Weezy?

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Remember when Lil Wayne got thrown out of a Lakers/Heat game last week? Well, he's still not happy about it. And, during a performance at Stereo Live in Houston late last night, Weezy let everyone know about it by unleashing an epic rant that featured him taking shots at the Heat, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the NBA as a whole and referring to himself as the "New Pac." Karen Civil was in attendance and provided a running commentary of the rant on her Twitter feed:

"Fuck the heat, fuck Lebron, fuck shewayde and I fucked Chris Bosh wife" - Weezy
I ain't Tupac I'm the new pac - Weezy
If Wayne say fuck you, I say MOTHER fuck you.. Anybody got a problem with Weezy, they got a problem with me.. They can die tonight - Birdman
When I say fuck you say nba.. When I say fuck you say the Miami heat - Wayne

Yikes! Safe to say Wayne won't be showing up at any Heat games anytime soon. Watch a portion of the rant in the clip above.

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