It's bad enough that the Knicks are down 2-0 to the Heat in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Now, they may have to compete in Game 3 without Amare Stoudemire. But it's not because of another injury he suffered on the court. Instead, Amare took out his frustrations over tonight's loss on a fire extinguisher in the locker room and suffered a lacerated left hand. 

As Stoudemire left the arena, his hand was heavily bandaged and his left arm was in a sling. Even though many details are unknown about the state of the New York forward's injury, teammate Tyson Chandler chimed in telling TNT’s David Aldridge that Amare is likely “out” for at least a game. Of course, Tyson isn't a doctor, so we'll wait until the Knicks' medical staff comes up with a proper prognosis. However, if Amare were to miss any time for something as dumb as punching a fire extinguisher, could we just assume that New York's attempt at a comeback is as good as done? 

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