Goat: Tracy McGrady
Game: 2003 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
Date: 4/20-5/4/2003

In 2003, Tracy McGrady was the man. He led the league in scoring, dunked on everyone in sight, and was regarded by many as the league's best player. Of course, those unwilling to give T-Mac his due cited his poor playoff record. He hadn't advanced to the second round once in six years in the league. So when he carried a lowly Magic squad to the playoffs and took a commanding 3-1 lead on the top-seeded Pistons, McGrady was relieved to finally have that monkey off his back. "It feels good to get in the second round," he said. Not so fast, Tracy. Orlando failed to close out the series in three straight games, losing by 31 in Game 5 and 15 in Games 6 and 7.