First and foremost, Kevin Durant is a competitive dude. On the court, he has shown that side numerous times. However, there is another part of KD that became apparent during last season's NBA Playoffs: his emotional side. When the Miami Heat captured the title by defeating the Thunder, a camera located outside of the Oklahoma City locker room caught a saddened Durant crying in the arms of his mother. But after the confetti fell and Miami's Big 3 of LeBron, Wade and Bosh made the media rounds, the 23-year-old star forward was still feeling the agony of defeat. 

"I wanted to win as bad as anything in the world. I cried about it every day," said Durant. He later added that the entire mourning period lasted about a week. You gotta love the guy's spirit. Kevin Durant wants to win and absolutely hates it when he loses. But Durantula isn't thinking about getting that chip next season just yet. When asked which would mean more to him, the NBA Finals or the Olympics, KD responded, "Winning a gold medal would mean more because we lost in the Finals...To be labeled as the best team in the world would be a great feeling." The best team, eh? Did you expect another answer out of Durant?

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[via Boston Herald]