If you're a truck driver, there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow. For example, if you're transporting food in a refrigerated truck like the one pictured above, you need to keep the truck at a certain temperature. And recently, a truck driver in Argentina failed to do that. So when a couple of food inspectors climbed into the back of his truck and realized that the desserts he was transporting were not being stored properly, they told the driver that they were going to have to confiscate his haul.

That did not go over very well with the driver. He didn't want to turn over the food he was carrying. So rather than give into the inspectors, he reportedly yelled, "I want to go, they can't keep me here," at them, locked them inside of the cold truck, and sped off. And he might have gotten away without it, too, except—oops!—both inspectors had cell phones on them. So they called their colleagues, who got in touch with police, and within just a few minutes, police pulled the truck over and freed the inspectors from the back of the truck. The truck driver was then hit with a slew of charges.

Obviously, giving up his food in the first place wouldn't have been ideal for the truck driver. But now, he's out all that food plus he's probably going to either lose his job or face some strict disciplinary action. Sucks to be him!

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[via USA Today]