Fifty years ago Volvo invented the rear-facing child seat. To celebrate the anniversary the Swedish car manufacturer has made another car seat that it hopes is a game-changer: one that's inflatable. The goal is to make traveling easier on parents. 

"When we lived abroad with two toddlers we had to haul bulky child seats through airports and then into taxis,” Volvo design manager Lawrence Abele said. "For many, travelling with young children is a challenge; any assistance to simplify the parents’ life with young children is a great thing."

The inflatable seat, which is still two years away from hitting the market, weighs less than 11 pounds—half of what a regular car seat weighs. It also comes with a silent pump that can inflate the seat in 40 seconds. If you're planning on having a kid, maybe wait a few more years so you can lace them up with the hottest car accessory. 

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