The New York Knicks and its fans are delusional. They refer to their home court as "The World's Most Famous Arena" and their hometown as the "Mecca of Basketball." Maybe this was the case fifty years ago, but in recent years it couldn't be further from the truth. The way their fans talk, you'd think the Knicks have more than those two championships they won in the '70s.

As crazy as it seems, you have to respect their loyalty. Knicks fans have been through a lot. They survived the Bulls, Scott Layden, Isiah Thomas and are currently dealing with James Dolan's incompetence (pray for them). The Knicks have had yet another roller-coaster season and the finish line is still a long ways away. So, following yesterday's transgressions involving Raymond Felton, we figured this was the perfect time to kick the Knicks and their fans while they're down (for the record, this list was written by two longtime Knicks fans—nobody disses my brother but me). Check out the 30 Biggest Fails in New York Knicks History.

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