What stans think: GOAT...no debate.
What haters think: That he's not even the best QB amongst the Manning boys.
What realists think: That (at 37) he's still a number one overall pick in Fantasy, but the playoffs are definitely a choking hazard.

This guy ages like some guy who doesn't age. He's playing better now then he ever did, which really makes us scared of how good he'll be in his 50s. It's been phenomenal to watch every season up until, just about, January when he inexplicably forgets that he's Peyton effing Manning and wilts.

Both he and Brett Favre have postseason legacies that are marred with interceptions in the most clutch of situations. That pick to Corey Graham last season broke the hearts of the Denver faithful and gave ammo to trolls who could say (for one more year) that "Tim Tebow's won more playoff games in Denver than Peyton Manning." Peyton then came back on opening night and threw 7 TDs because it was the regular season and that's what he does in the regular season.

To be honest his playoff letdowns make the sport interesting, because if he was as good in the second season as he was in the regular, then the Colts would've won just about every championship from 2000 to 2010.