What stans think: He's NYC's LBJ.
What haters think: All he does is score. (Or, in true trolling mode, that the Pistons were right to draft Darko).
What realists think: That there's a reason there will be a massive bidding war for him in the 2014 offseason.

The thing about being a realist is that you're constantly making banal statements because you ignore your friend who's always a dick, and you ignore your friend who would buy a used Carmelo tissue on eBay. Carmelo's great talent is his ability to come through in the clutch (disregard the 2013 playoffs). It may be easy to forget that the six-time All Star is still in his 20s meaning that his career is hitting it's stride now. This year will be big in determining his ultimate legacy. But, remember...they don't pay $100M for chumps.